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To Oz & Back Again

January 12, 2011


This post has sat midst memories and worn luggage receipts for overweight bags. The trip was busy and hectic as we were living out of hotels the entire time. Even though we’ve been back for several months, there are some nagging impressions that I can’t get out of my mind. I don’t know that my […]

G’day… a few days later.

September 17, 2010


It’s already Saturday morning and time is literally flying by. I knew this trip would feel short but seriously…. the good news is that we have been a very busy couple of nomads. (the other half is happy that he is officially “homeless”) Living from a hotel room is fun! We never have to make […]

Quickie Post: Why should you care about game ratings and Internet Censorship.

March 24, 2010


This is a great blog post why everyone should care about this censorship issue.  It’s by the editor of AusGamers, David Harrison, and for the moment, he’s talking about the problems happening in Australia.  But know that this can happen anywhere. This isn’t just about video games, it really is about civil liberties. Here’s an […]

No Clean Feed in Australia

December 19, 2009


Don’t think this is someone else’s problem.  If it can happen in Australia, it can happen where you live.  Help support the fight against Internet Censorship.  Watch this video, check out, post a badge on your website, use the hashtag #nocleanfeed and follow @efa_oz.  Learn what this issue really means to all of us. […]

Melbourne: Good to the Last Drop … of Rain!

April 3, 2009


Today (Friday) was my last day riding the bus into the City and exploring.  The day didn’t start out so well.  I missed an early bus by about 30 seconds. Dang it! Then the next bus never showed up.  Hrmph! Then the following one showed up and it was FULL!  Well, I guess you could […]