The Internet Time Warp: The Web Never Forgets

January 11, 2011


  A post on CBS Interactive’s Bnet (link) articulated an important business lesson about social media from the recent attention on political rhetoric. The media’s had their fun and pundits on both sides of US politics have done their finger-pointing. In particular, we can’t help but bring up Sarah Palin. Well, everyone likes a rebel […]

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The Value of a Good Theme

January 10, 2011


For those of you who may have tripped over this blog in the last two years, you’ll notice that things look different. It took me a few hours, but I changed my blog’s theme over the weekend.  It looks different and it’s going to probably sound a little different too. The value of this new […]

The Joys of Fresh Ground Coffee

January 9, 2011


The hubby and I love our coffee.  We really loved sharing a latte back in Australia.  Those Aussies really make a nice coffee in Melbourne.  Heck, we picked up a pound of awesome coffee in Queensland too. We bought a coffee grinder and started grinding our own beans a few days ago.  If you like […]

Customer Service Redemption

January 6, 2011


  Today I finally got a chance to call Mr. Coffee about our coffeemaker and got an unexpected surprise.  Back in September, my husband and I went to Target and bought a nice new coffeemaker.  My Aussie hubby was excited to make the purchase as he only drank instant back home.  It worked great for […]

Killer Productivity Combo: Evernote & Dropbox

January 5, 2011


This killer combo evolved for me over a few months. I mention it today because it came up in a conversation this morning and by some strange alignment, Peter Shankman (@petershankman) tweeted: “If you use a computer and don’t use @dropbox and @evernote, you’re working too hard for not enough gain.” I totally agree! I […]

PR & IT: An Epic Sibling Rivalry

January 4, 2011


As someone with an obsession with technology and a more recent passion for PR, I have always had trouble understanding why IT staff and PR (or Public Affairs) staff can’t work as a team. I see many organizations who want to jump into social media rely on their IT staff to deploy it or worse […]

2011: Doing, Finish, Being

January 3, 2011


Finish, Doing, Being

As a fan of Chris Brogan, I was quick to catch on to his three words idea instead of resolutions. I was never a fan of resolutions. I’d break them by Jan 2 and then feel guilty the rest if the year. No, the idea of having three words to reflect on gives you some […]