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Writing for a Lesser Evil?

January 19, 2011


In this week’s discussions, my Journalism Professor asked if a Public Relations writer’s values needed to align with the organizational values.  It’s an interesting question because it’s complicated.  What if you are an independent practitioner?  Your clients may vary greatly especially in the beginning until you decide what niche fits your skills.  You could be […]

PR Pro’s Secret Weapon – Writing!

January 18, 2011


Today I started my last class at UMASS for my journalism certificate and it reminded me of something I heard.  At a presentation by Peter Shankman, Founder of HARO & Geek Factory, he ended by telling the audience to focus on our writing skills.  That may sound obvious, but it is very profound when you […]

Quickie Post: Why should you care about game ratings and Internet Censorship.

March 24, 2010


This is a great blog post why everyone should care about this censorship issue.  It’s by the editor of AusGamers, David Harrison, and for the moment, he’s talking about the problems happening in Australia.  But know that this can happen anywhere. This isn’t just about video games, it really is about civil liberties. Here’s an […]

EPIC Ideas Never Go Out of Style

September 19, 2009


I was listening to the closing keynote given by Joe Rotella, when he said, “social media is about acceleration.” He was explaining the difference between social media and advertising. He said advertising is about velocity. Social media does take time. It’s a slow build but once it gets going it takes off. That idea reminded […]