Yes, I Said Books

1) I love the Internet (spend lots of time on it) but I still love cracking open a new book (or sparking up an eBook).  2) Yes, I said books with an “s”.  I have a bad (well, I don’t think so) habit of reading more than one at a time.  I think I really do have ADD… but that’s for another post.  (Just kidding! Wait no… maybe not.)  42-16022395

If you like to read like I do, and especially if you like to read business books, check out Levenger for reading supplies.  (Supplies to mark, take notes, read in comfort — the wooden book holder is wonderful esp. engraved with monogram and their leather is buttery soft no matter the product.)

Here’s a listing of what I’m reading and some epiphanies, comments or quotes I like:

The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

Whatever you think of the Davinci Code & Demons and Angels, I really love this entertaining thriller.  It has me crawling around the inner sanctum of Washington DC and since I’ll never get to see it in real life, I’m drawn in.  Seriously, it’s fiction… enjoy the ride.

The New Rules of Marketing & PR – David Meerman Scott

It’s a new game, new rules and a new way of looking at how the Internet fits into all this communication stuff.  Practical and insightful.  So far, the biggest impression is “thought leadership.”  That phrase says alot… a whole alot.  I’m thinking it’s very relevant to “Cluetrain Manifesto“… oh, and that’s been updated too.

Cluetrain Manifesto – 10th Anniversary Edition – Levine, Locke, Searls & Weinberger

You can read the entire book online for free!  Spread the word as they say… the 10th Anniversary brings it up to date a little since ten years is a looong time in the frame of the Internet.  But this is still a powerful message.  The link on the left side of the page takes you to their Amazon link.  So if you like them, support it.  (I’m not making anything on this.)

Effective Public Relations – Ninth Edition – Cutlip, Center & Broom

The bible for Public Relations.  A must-read textbook especially for someone like me who is really just starting to get this after working in communications for a couple of years.  I consider it on-the-job training.  But I really do love it.  My passion for the Internet really blends nicely into a PR career.  There’s only one way to go… UP!

Here Comes Everybody – Clay Shirky

For me, Clay is an authority when it comes to talking about communities online.  He puts the latest shift in power from the traditional media to the people who used to be just an “audience” into historical and practical terms.  It’s really helped me understand the magnitude of what’s been happening online.  This really does affect the way people communicate, but beyond that it affects the way we do business and conduct government.

Trust Agents – Chris Brogan & Julien Smith

I learned about this book after reading about Gnomedex on Mediashift. (Love that blog!)  Again, another excellent book from people who ‘get it’ about the social aspect of web communities.  Your new online currency: trust.  From Chris Brogran’s Gnomedex presentation:  “trust = social capital; social capital + web = links; social capital + web = traffic; social capital + web = social proof; social capital + web = a big f’n network”  You better believe it!

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