About Rosie Taylor

2011 UPDATE:

I got married in October, 2010 to the love of my life, Alan.  I’m still a gamer mom, maybe even more so since my hubby games too.  But it’s something we enjoy together.  We’ve both gone back to playing WoW, but no raiding. 😉  My dream of going on more adventures continues as you can see from my blog posts.  Two trips to Australia in as many years.  Alan and I plan to have more adventures now that we’re together in the same country… finally!   Now we have get that hubby a new bike.

Before 2010:

I’m a gamer mom with two kids and a mild obsession with MMORPGs. (At the moment: Aion; Formerly played WoW, Age of Conan, & City of Heroes/Villains) One of my biggest passions outside of writing, new media and web technology is riding motorcycles. A few years ago, I took my dream ride to the North Carolina – Tennessee border and now I’m hooked to the idea of going on adventure rides.  Hopefully I will go on more real soon.  I learned a lot about myself and my bike in the process. 


My kids are my biggest achievement because they’re both great people.  Different in their own right and they both teach me new things about life every day.  The biggest lesson they’ve taught me: to always appreciate the humor in random things.

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !


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