The Joys of Fresh Ground Coffee

Posted on January 9, 2011


The hubby and I love our coffee.  We really loved sharing a latte back in Australia.  Those Aussies really make a nice coffee in Melbourne.  Heck, we picked up a pound of awesome coffee in Queensland too.

We bought a coffee grinder and started grinding our own beans a few days ago.  If you like coffee and haven’t tried this — you’re missing out.  The smell of fresh ground coffee is intoxicating. It was almost as good as the smell of cookies baking. (Love those too.)  I still remember how good the kitchen smelled when my mom used to grind coffee in a little wooden hand grinder.

I was cruising the web looking for advice on how to store the beans and found this really neat niche site:  There’s a few reasons I really like this site:

  • This guy REALLY loves coffee!
  • The advice is practical and comes from several contributors.
  • I love the coffee mug cartoon that changes from page to page.
  • THE BEST REASON: His Latte Photo Gallery that he shares. Enjoy one of his photos featured in this post.