Customer Service Redemption

Posted on January 6, 2011




Today I finally got a chance to call Mr. Coffee about our coffeemaker and got an unexpected surprise.  Back in September, my husband and I went to Target and bought a nice new coffeemaker.  My Aussie hubby was excited to make the purchase as he only drank instant back home.  It worked great for a few weeks and then we noticed it would ‘leak’ muddy brown liquid. (I won’t say it’s coffee although we all know it was.  Because it was so watery.)  I did see what looked like dried coffee around the seam between the plastic top and the stainless steel bottom of the carafe.  I tried to rationalize that we didn’t place it in the machine correctly or there was an overage because the carafe was full.  But then it kept happening.  I finally surrendered to the idea that there was a defect to our new coffee machine. 

Needless to say I was shocked because my last Mr. Coffee machine cost $15 and ran for years without a problem.  This one was considerably more.  About $100.  And here we were only a month later and it was failing.

Between the wedding and my in-laws visit followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas, it took until now for me to call Mr. Coffee.  I explained what happened briefly and was getting ready to be asked about a receipt and given a Return Authorization run-around.  But no.

What happened was absolutely a pleasant surpise.  I gave the model number and some code from the electrical plug and the representative, William, assured me that they would send out a new carafe.  After a few minutes on hold, during which he checked in and apologized for keeping me waiting, William explained that they didn’t have a carafe in stock.  I expected to hear that “this was the end of the line.”  But no.

William said I would get a whole new machine.  That’s it!  In 6-8 business days, we are getting a replacement.  I smiled big and thanked him profusely.  He told me to just cut the cord and throw the old one away.  I don’t even have to send it back. 

You know, it could be that they realized the design is defective.  I did read about other people going through the same thing on the web.  But the bottom line is: They stood behind their product even months after I purchased it.  I didn’t have to go through any bueaucracy, blood letting or extreme waiting.  I wish my experience was the same when my Xbox 360 got the red ring of death.  Kudos to you Mr. Coffee!  I will certainly be more loyal to the brand and recommend to friends.

Even if a product isn’t right, the company does the right thing.  I don’t care about the motivation behind it.  I’m just glad that I didn’t waste $100 and that somewhere in the world, customer service still means something.