Killer Productivity Combo: Evernote & Dropbox

Posted on January 5, 2011


This killer combo evolved for me over a few months. I mention it today because it came up in a conversation this morning and by some strange alignment, Peter Shankman (@petershankman) tweeted: “If you use a computer and don’t use @dropbox and @evernote, you’re working too hard for not enough gain.” I totally agree!

I love gadgets to a fault. But my ADD-wired mind loves all the shiny buttons and sleek touchscreens so common today.  This is exactly why I love Evernote. I can take photos with my tab or phone into Evernote. Make notes and later when I forget about it, I can use the powerful search to find it. I used to carry a moleskin notebook that I nicknamed My Braindump. It had my ramblings, ideas and other noise. The trouble was to find stuff later. I’d have to flip pages to find that little gem…. Oh wait. It’s in another notebook. See, I would start anew if I misplaced it. So Evernote centralizes my streaming of consciousness and it syncs across my phone, tab, laptop and desktop computer.

Now add Dropbox. You know that thumb drive, USB thing around your neck? Forget it! Now you can transfer files from one device to another…. Wirelessly, even. It was brought to my attention for the iPad, but it’s on Android too. There goes my photos in my tab, my phone and my iPod. (Ok, so I do own an Apple product.) That’s a post for another day… I’ll update links,when I’m not tryingto type with my thumbs. (My keyboard arrives today!) And I’ll add a picture…. Because I like visuals.

If anyone knows a smart way to.incorporate the Livescribe Pen w/Evernote, I’d love to hear from you!