2011: Doing, Finish, Being

Posted on January 3, 2011


Finish, Doing, Being

Finish, Doing, Being

My 3 Words for 2011

As a fan of Chris Brogan, I was quick to catch on to his three words idea instead of resolutions. I was never a fan of resolutions. I’d break them by Jan 2 and then feel guilty the rest if the year. No, the idea of having three words to reflect on gives you some guidance and an easy prompt for sticking to your overall goals. I tell people that I have a theme for the year.

For 2011, my theme is: Cross the Line. This is not an original concept. It was inspired by an essay on givemore.com. I’ll add the link when I’m not tapping a tablet to write. So it’s no more excuses. Here’s where the three words kick in: FINISH, DOING, BEING.

Finish: This year I finish some half-baked plans, projects & goals.

Doing: The time for talk is done. Time to act on those ideas & try things out.

Being: I need to be in the moment & do better at focus my time. When I’m watching a movie w/the kids, there’s nothing else going on. It’ll be difficult. Shiny things distract me. But I need to fully enjoy play so I can be satisfied to focus on work.

My one goal is to keep blogging here. My touch keypad is a little slow, so I may be off to Best Buy tonight. But I’ve gotta Cross that Line so no excuses. I have lots of post ideas about Travel (mostly about Australia), new media and the Internet.