G’day… a few days later.

Posted on September 17, 2010


It’s already Saturday morning and time is literally flying by. I knew this trip would feel short but seriously…. the good news is that we have been a very busy couple of nomads. (the other half is happy that he is officially “homeless”) Living from a hotel room is fun! We never have to make the bed. LOL

So for a quick update because we’re getting ready to fly up for a visit with the rest of the rellies in Queensland. And we’re staying in a place called Mooloolaba. (I can NOT pronounce these places, so when I get home you can have a laugh at my expense and watch me get tongue tied.) That part of the country is tropical, much like Florida, so at least it’ll be warmer and we’ll be close to the beach. It’s winter here still and I’m such a wus for the cold nowadays.

Since Wednesday, I’ve reacquainted myself with my old friends, Cherry Ripe, Donut King, Vanilla Slice, and Aussie Pizza. Yum! And most important, lattes served in a glass. How do they do it?? It’s YUM! The Donut King decided to discontinue Pineapple Glazed donuts … awww… but they did have a pineapple custard one, so all was not lost. (It was still a nice soft sugary fat pill.) The Cherry Ripe has changed too. It now comes in a log covered in coconut shavings. (OMG!) Well, there’s probably more to tell, but for now I have to go maul my Aussie before we leave. I’ll try and give an update from the Sunshine Coast!

PS — New Aussie Phrase: “Rug up.” means to throw on extra clothes, coat, throw blanket, Snuggie to get warm. After all, it is winter still here. Brrr! At least for the next few days I’ll be warm.

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