Ten Days in Oz with One suitcase! (And a carryon)

Posted on September 13, 2010


Melbourne, Aus - Yarra River

It’s been almost 18 months since my first trip to Australia and here I sit preparing to go back.  When I left, something told me in my heart I would be back soon.  It was my aching heart.  I couldn’t bear to stay away from the man who will soon be my hubby.  It still seems like a dream.  He’s moving here, but I’m travelling there to meet the relatives and bring him back.  I need to keep one suitcase empty so he can pack his stuff in it.

I must’ve been daydreaming alot because I left my packing till today.  The good news is that I’m not taking  much.  The goal is to pack only one suitcase and leave the second empty for my fiance’s things.  (After all, he IS moving his whole life here.) 

Personal items:  My bag of toiletries just needed a few things replaced and I had my ziploc bag ready for any liquids I’m carrying.  I really try to keep that down to a minimum.  There’s an excellent site for luxury products in travel size at http://www.3floz.com/ .  Of course, I didn’t plan ahead to order anything.  When I found out about the site a few months ago, I thought about it, but that’s as far as it went.

Travelling light is no easy feat for a woman.  But I’m managing. 

Clothes:  The strategy is a few pairs of jeans, leggings and lots of tops to change it up.  Shoes, well of course, I’m bring two.  The choices:  black ankle booties (it is winter there after all) and a pair of black flats to be a little dressy and get out of the heels.  I also found this cool pair of backup shoes called “Fast Flats” by Dr. Scholl’s. (Walgreen’s link)  I would’ve linked the product site, but there is none?  What?! Wow, who’s doing that PR?  They need to get on the ball.  Ok, so it’s a pair of ballet slippers with a sole that easily fold into this little wristlet bag that comes with it.  Nice concept!  Well, heck ya I got a pair.  When those booties get me down, BOOM! quick change to flats.  So as far as the packing goes, that’s it for clothes.  I’m bringing a light jacket for the plane and daytime and one heavier jacket. (Did I mention it’s winter there?)  Since I’m a Floridian and 50 degrees is cold for me. 

Electronics/Gadgets:  For the geek in me:  Camera, iPod, cellphone and tablet laptop.  I’m good to go!

I am looking forward to reuniting with my cheeky Aussie, Alan, and giving him lots of smooches of course.  But I’m also excited to be going back to Aus.  I don’t know why I have a deep connection there.  Maybe some places just feel familiar because of some ancient visceral memory.  I’m a little nervous about meeting the relatives and such.  It’s sort of strange to think that Alan is coming back with me to stay.  Unfamiliar in a great way!  At least I won’t have to spend the first hour flying back in tears.

Wait, did I remember my itinerary, passport and visa receipt??!!!  Check!  Got them all.  I can’t believe I packed everything in one suitcase.  BTW, another tip for packing light – skip most of the reading material and download eBooks onto your Android phone or iPhone and your iPod. (Batteries don’t last forever, so take at least one magazine.)  Stay tuned for my impressions of the VAustralia flight.  I’m expecting big things from Sir Richard!

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