Quickie Post: Why should you care about game ratings and Internet Censorship.

Posted on March 24, 2010


Open Internet

Support an Open Internet in Australia

This is a great blog post why everyone should care about this censorship issue.  It’s by the editor of AusGamers, David Harrison, and for the moment, he’s talking about the problems happening in Australia.  But know that this can happen anywhere. This isn’t just about video games, it really is about civil liberties.

Here’s an excerpt: “It is hard to get people motivated to care about something when they feel they have no direct, immediate interest in it. Some people don’t want to jailbreak their iPhones. Some people don’t want to play violent video games, or mod their console to extend its functionality. Some people don’t care that their DRMed music or video collection might one day just stop working. Some people don’t even care that the government is planning to censor the Internet! Unfortunately, many people learn to care about these things the hard way – when it’s too late.”