Social Media + Social Analytics = Strategic Listening

Posted on October 31, 2009


social_analytics_lifecycleThis is a brilliant concept that Ken Burbary and Chuck Hemann (social media analytics pro – I didn’t even realize those people exist, but makes perfect sense!) have boiled down into a visual chart in a recent post by Ken.  At first read, the way I understand it:

Instead of listening to the social web activities of your customers waiting for the “other shoe” to drop, this is about listening for your customer’s true voice.  Besides the obvious reputation management (crisis management), you can gain insight for new products (innovation) and developing your campaigns.  At the end of the cycle, you have CRM and the chance to identify customer satisfaction problems early before it becomes a crisis.  Really good stuff.  I urge anyone working in social media whether for Community Relations, Public Affairs and Public Relations to honestly think about how well they’re listening to their own clients/customers/constituents.  Ken promises to develop the visual further and it is available for download through his Flickr feed.