Unleashing My Inner Shopoholic

Posted on April 2, 2009


Ok so she’s not so “inner” and I do love to go clothes and shoe shopping.  I spent Wednesday, April 1st in the City wandering through all types of shopping.  The day of shopping started off a little slow.  dscf0639I read about the GPO which is a converted building.  It used to be the General Post Office for Melbourne and is now a luxury mall.  Well, I didn’t know it was ‘high end’ till I got there.  Still I walked around window shopping at all the couture I can’t afford.  Very beautiful place and the entire front has cafe-style tables for sidewalk munching.  The best part was I finally remembered to mail out some more postcards.  Yay!  As the old GPO, it had plenty of mailboxes nearby.

I saw another shopping center nearby (Galleria) and walked in or … up.  It is on the 2nd floor.  Not really a mall but rather a food court and a few shops.  Australian Geographic was there and it made me think of my trip to Chadstone during my first weekend.  Awww!  I galleria-michelsstarted to feel hungry so I tried a sausage roll and a nice cappucino.  While I sat there and stared at my beautiful coffee drink, (I almost hated to drink it b/c it was so pretty.) I tried to remember where else I could go hunting for stores.

I then wandered into Myer which is sort of like Macy’s in the US.  Very cool to see how different the fashions are.  Discovered Aussie Designer CUE (whew! can’t afford that either — velvet jacket very hip $300 AUD /cry)

Afterwards I walked to Lonsdale and found Melbourne Central again.  I walked around these tremendous shopping center that has a train station under it.  Reminded me of Penn Station in New York only a lot cleaner and the stores are set up like a regular mall on several levels.  Ok, it’s not really like Penn.  After going into a few places, I finally decided to try on some things in “French Connection” and bought a skirt and a blouse.  (To me an Aussie style skirt b/c I haven’t seen this back home.) 

lolittalogoAnd on my way out I saw this little boutique, Lolitta.  Ah! This is what I was looking for.  The trouble is that their fashions are supposed to be overseas so more like stuff I would find at home.  But somehow it was better.  It still had a different flavor.  I laughed at the t-shirts that said “Harlem” and “Brooklyn”.  Instant edge. I guess, for that real rocker look.  But despite that I really liked this store.  I found an awesome biker style cropped jacket and a really cool blouse.  The salesgirl was very nice.  We got to chatting after she asked about my accent.  What a switch!  I don’t think of myself as having one, but I guess Aussies feel the same way when I notice theirs.  All in all it turned out to be a fun day of shopping and exploring the City.  And… I didn’t get lost.  Today is my last day on my own and I’m going to visit the Melbourne Museum.  I’m dying to see the “Virtual Room”.  (Yes, I will unleash my inner geek there.)  I’ll be sure to take plenty of pics as the architecture of the museum is really modern.

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