Thar’s Gold in Dem Aussie Hills!

Posted on March 30, 2009


Well, at least there’s some left… we went to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat on Saturday and I got to pan for gold.  (Sorry kids … didn’t find any.)  And the whole town was so awesome!  There were people dressed in period costumes and little shops where they made goods the ol’ fashioned way and you could buy them. 

And of course, since I love Aussie food so much… I was introduced to yet another delicacy… vanilla slice.  Mmmm!  was yummy!!dscf0483

Ok, so off the subject of food and onto the subject of GOLD!  So this was a huge gold discovery back in the 1850’s and we got to tour the underground mine.  Very cool!!  I highly recommend if you’re ever down under.  We took a tram (used to be used to haul equipment down) and it was pitch black.  I’ve never seen such darkness.  Then you are underground in the actual mine.  The tour was excellent and very educational.  Made me thankful to live in a time when I didn’t have to risk my health to make a decent living.  Dying in my 40’s of silicosis or a faulty fuse doesn’t appeal to me. 

Dinner by Candlelight? or Miner's Breakroom

Dinner by Candlelight? or Miner's Breakroom

The ride up was beautiful… the countryside is just breathtaking.  I love all the hills and mountains.  We stayed for the sound and light show “Blood on the Southern Cross”.  That was a unique multimedia show on the hillside outside (soit was cold!) where they used audio, fire and lights to tell the story of the clash between the miners and the British.  There were no actors other than voices but there were plenty of special effects with lights and fire.  It was really interesting and entertaining…and did I mention cold?  I had a blanket and pair of gloves but it gets cold in the country once the sun goes down.  It was a great time and a busy day.  I could write several more posts about it.  It was that much fun!  I also could’ve spent another day there exploring more because there was so much to see.

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