Fitzroy Gardens & Cook’s Cottage

Posted on March 30, 2009


I had to visit this place as I’ve been staring at a photo of Cook’s Cottage on my computer wallpaper since December 2008.  dscf0544To see it in person was very exciting and I now have a new wallpaper from the inside.  It was interesting to see how they used every square inch of the tiny cottage.  It must’ve been harsh living conditions sleeping on bed mattresses stuffed with straw.

dscf0518Another cool thing I got to see was the Fairy Tree which an artist carved out gnomes and woodland (Aussie of course) creatures into a tree.  The cottage was brought over brick by brick from England and it is over 250 years old!

Afterwards, I wandered around the City of Melbourne.  Ok, I admit it… I got lost today.  I ended up on Bourke Street Mall and found an arcade… no, not that kind of arcade… a shopping arcade.  And it was beautiful inside…


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