Tasty Aussie Food Update

Posted on March 26, 2009


Well, I mentioned Cherry Ripe (YUM!) but there’s also some actual food that’s not candy which is quite good!  I thought about it while eating brekkie which was coffee and vegemite toast.  MMM!  I love that.vegemite-toast

I also got to try Aussie Pizza.  That’s the usual tomato and cheese topped with eggs and bacon.  Yum!  And it’s a thin crust.  aussie-pizza




The place we got it from is called Curly Joe’s and it’s BYO for wine.  I’d like to see THAT in the states.  LOL Ok, time for me to go and start a new adventure.  I may try and catch the F1 Practice session.  The City makes it so easy to get to with the trams.

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