Sometimes you have to go far to find yourself…

Posted on March 16, 2009


I remember feeling like this when I turned 30.  I questioned everything.  Where my life was going, what are my goals?  Am I happy with myself or just used to the same ol’, same ol’?  I didn’t feel that way at 40.  Turning 40 was fun!  I looked forward to a new stage in life.  But now, a few years afterwards, these nagging questions emerge again.  So, I’m taking a plunge.  Almost literally, a dive towards a great unknown to see what I can find out about myself along the way.  Why now? Who knows? I sure don’t.

I’ll put up a few posts while I’m trekking around and  I’ll try not to be too philosophical. Just enjoy the adventure for each delicious, mysterious moment as I move out of my comfort zone and try to find myself (again).

As I prepare to leave, I realize that I could be quite happy with a few jeans and t-shirts.  Well, and a few pairs of shoes.  (Sorry, girlie moment there.)  And I am LOVING my pink (another girlie moment) Heys luggage.  It’s molded luggage, so it’s tough.  It’s pink, so it’s pretty too.  And they’re so light, even after stuffing a few (ok maybe too many) jeans and other girlie things (a skirt or two).  They’re so roomy, I have to remember to stay in the weight limit and save space for souvenirs!  I think the clam shell design is nice and the built-in partition keeps things separately nicely when it’s closed.  I haven’t had to use the expander zipper and I don’t plan to. (Yikes! These bags are already so big, I can’t imagine needing that too!)

Heys PinkAnyways, I highly recommend (so far) the Heys Luggage.  The TSA locks were a breeze to reset (like 2 seconds) and I like the idea of putting my camera in a hard sided carry-on so it won’t get banged around in the overhead.  And ya gotta love those lil chrome wheels! (Aren’t they racy?!)

Did I just wax poetic about luggage?  Ok, so back to a serious bit:  I’m just at a crossroads as I think a few forty-something women are out there.  (You know I’m not the only one.)  I just need to get back to my center… and sometimes that means going far from center for a while and then coming back.

Traveling just makes you think about where you come from while you’re planning and looking ahead to where you’re going.  (Oh gosh, that sounded confusing!)  You try to pack a piece of yourself into a few bags so you can share it with the people you’re visiting.  But at the same time you leave space to bring something back with you when you go home.  

Hmmm! Now there’s a bit of philosophy that belongs under luggage ad.  I’ve watched so many movies and TV shows about traveling and road trips.  It gives me the urge to go explore the world every time.  Why?  Because I watch the people change and learn as they go through their experiences… both good and bad.  It’s gonna be great to travel so far from home and live it first hand for myself.  I’m not expecting some giant epiphany… just to come home a little bit wiser and a little bit more in touch with what makes me truly happy.

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