Chrome is Shiny & New … and a day early!

Posted on September 2, 2008



Googe Chrome Logo

Googe Chrome Logo

This morning I was excited to learn of Google’s newest product, “Chrome” a web browser that is destined to change the course of browser development.  At first we all learned that it was open source and that Mozilla welcomed this new entry into the browser arena.  Not much else was said other than it would possibly be the ‘toe’ in the door for Google’s presence as an OS.

Then later in the day the news of a Chrome Comic appeared.  It seems the comic was meant for European and other global journalists as a media release.  The comic quickly spread and although there seemed to be some attempts to stop the wildfire across the Internet, it was to no avail.  So VP of Product Management Sundar Pichai and Engineering Director Linus Upson said in reaction to the comic’s early release: “As we believe in access to information for everyone, we’ve now made the comic publicly available.”  I went to just to check out some more details and was pleasantly surprised to see a ‘Download Now’ button.  Weee!  I installed it and this is my first WordPress post using it.  All I can say is that I’m overwhelmed by the features and after reading the comic, I can really see how all their thinking came together to build a beautifully simple browser that is fast as heck.  I was loading the same page on two different machines using Chrome vs. IE7 and hands down, Chrome loaded faster.  Chrome is open source so I’m sure we’ll see lots of new templates and plugins in the next months.

To learn what’s under the hood of this fantastic browser check out the comic: .  I’m gonna go back to playing with Chrome!

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