Podcasts | The New Radio

Posted on July 1, 2008


Podcasts … I discovered them shortly after I startd playing WoW.  I’ve been listening to various podcasts for over a year and I recently realized how sophisticated they’re becoming.  The quality, format, sponsorship and content are just so much higher than last year.  It’s a quiet revolution as more people get plugged into iPods, Zunes and mobile phones.  I’m sure there is something profound I can say about the podcasting community, but it would sound trite since I don’t podcast myself.  As a listener, my observation… I guess this is what past generations felt when radio hit the streets and familes huddled around to listen to radio programs.  The big difference here is that anyone can podcast about anything.  It’s that hyperlocal thing again where the citizenry has found a new voice.  And that voice is becoming more and more professional.  I really enjoy the podcasts I listen to.  There are podcasts for any subject, so if you haven’t given a listen… try one today.  If you already listen, well grats!  You’re part of a new revoloution in communications.  If you are a podcaster, then thanks!  I love the unbiased and creative things you do!  I know it’s a lot of work and effort but don’t stop! 🙂

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