Getting back to blogging…

Posted on June 1, 2008


Just a pretty flower!Back in February I started this blog with the intent to just write about anything and get the hang of blogging in general.  Well, like most I’ve let it slide without too much updating.  I did make some posts about my adventures in WoW (World of Warcraft for those who don’t play) in March and April, but they just seemed a little out of place.  I’ve decided to make a separate blog for my WoW interest since it encompasses so many things and would take over this blog anyway.  (RAWR!) 

So now I want to make this blog back into what it was suppose to be… a place to write and exercise my authoring alterego.  Thanks for visiting and I hope future posts will be entertaining than this one.  LOL

My newest observation:  the blogging community is truly becoming a force that can not be ignored.  Major news outlets (cable, network TV and newspapers) have embraced bloggers with ‘hyper-local’ space on their web sites where regular folks can post their stories.  The ironic thing for me is that while this encourages communities to tell their unique stories, it also provides the perfect outlet for public relations professionals to push their message.  And so another grass roots tool goes corporate.  This reminds me of wikipedia where the world contributes their piece to a collective knowledge.  Or do corporate staff go in and censor what’s posted?  I guess the final truth is that we should all continue to contribute to this online and the reader will take away what they need regardless of who’s writing it.  So just an observation since I hear so much about ‘hyperlocal’ news lately and how empowered Internet users are becoming.  I think it’s an exciting time and a logical evolution for the web.

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