My first post

Posted on February 6, 2008


LOVE Sculpture in Philly

So this is what’s it’s like to post to a blog.  Hmm.  Not bad.  It’s kinda like a journal, but it’s public.  Well, I’m not so sure about that part.  But I’m starting this blog anyways.  I’m not set on what I’m going to write about.  Just wanted a place to write random thoughts.  I always wanted to blog, but I wanted it to be more anonymous I think.  So if you do figure out who I am oh well…. Here are some of my inner thoughts. Let’s have lunch and talk about it.  🙂   Now, what’s on my mind?  It’s almost Valentine’s Day so I thought the LOVE Sculpture in Philly would look nice here.  And it does!  I saw it last September.  Hence the kinda gray skies in the picture.  It was raining that day. And I learned why the ‘O’ is crooked.  The artist said, “Love isn’t perfect.” Well said!

I’ve had a wierd couple of days.  I’ve had the feeling that I’m not doing what I want with my life.  But I don’t know what that is.  Strange, right?!  I know!  But that’s what I’ve been feeling.  So in answer to that, I’ve decided that this year I will follow through with at least one project idea.  Yeah, I’m one of those people who keeps a list of ideas rolling around in that head of mine.  One big idea is to write a book.  Who knows?  It might even get published.

 My other big idea: Launch an online magazine.  I know, I know…. the dot com bubble already popped.  But hear me out…. it would be easy to start and the online ads could generate enough so I can stay home and work. Imagine that.  I just have to nail down a topic that can really generate content.  Geez, I already made a long post.  And I thought I had nothing to say.  lol

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